Westeros: Endgame

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About a month ago people started asking if I was watching Game of Thrones. This set me to reading spoilers for the last three episodes. I’d watched to the end…

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Awards Eligibility 2018

I spent 2018 beating up more manuscripts than ever before, and so as a result I have one publication to boast—my first novella, “Freezing Rain, a Chance of Falling,” which…

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LexIcon: Jigsaw Narratives

Each tiny scene in a jigsaw narrative is is a puzzle piece, freestanding in its own right, yet intended to interlock with the others to evoke a whole picture of…

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LexIcon: Cube Farm Purgatory

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Nobody snatches up a novel after work hoping to be immediately transported back to the worst parts of the day they’ve just been paid to live through. A reader ends…

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LexIcon – Bouncing out of a manuscript

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Bouncing occurs when some small detail within your manuscript causes the reader to pause and consider whether they believe your facts, agree with your narrator's opinions or otherwise buy into…

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