With 69 days to Gamechanger, preorders are love!

Gamechanger will be out in the world on September 17th, 69 short days from now, and to say I am excited might be a bit like saying the surface of the sun is a bit toasty.

Ahhhhh book book book book book!!!

You can all expect this space, and my fabulous newsletter, The Lexicon to get ever more Gamechange-y. There will be excerpts, Goodreads Giveaways, bragging about reviews (I already told you Publishers’ Weekly called it a delightful pinball machine of a book and compared it to Snow Crash, right?)

But before we get there, I want to do the thing where I ask for pre-orders. If you’re gonna buy Gamechanger, and you’re inclined to get the book at one of the following vendors, I’d appreciate it so much if you ordered early and … well, order often if you want to give it to deserving readers for the holiday season.

Barnes & Noble. Amazon. Powells. Kobo. Chapters Indigo. Google Books. (iTunes keeps linking me to its store in Brazil, but I’m working on it!)

If you prefer audio, here’s the Audible link.

If you are curious about why this pre-order thing is important, here’s author Yashar Ali in a thread explaining it all.

Gamechanger imagines our world just over a century from now, after we’ve really begun grappling with carbon levels and climate change. It’s a book where we look at the grandchildren of Generation Z and the future the youngs of today and tomorrow are building. As a result, there will also be sciencey articles coming your way from me, both about technologies we’re developing to address the problem and how they might be (or are already being!) deployed. I’ll post about those too, as they appear.

Love me. Order me. Use me and reviews me. Tweet me sweetly. I appreciate it all so much.