My @CanConSF 2019 Schedule

I am headed to Ottawa Friday to one of my all time favorite SF conventions, to talk writing with everyone who shows up, and I kind of hope you are too! If it’s me you’re looking for, here’s the fast track to my panels:

Friday 4pm Difficult Passages: Struggling to write a particular scene? Authors who have experienced that same challenge read a short passage they struggled to write, followed by a Q&A on writing difficult scenes. L.X. Beckett, J.M. Dover, K.V. Johansen

Saturday 3pm Imagining a Zero-Carbon Future: Getting to a Zero-Carbon world could reduce some of the damage that we will face in the next 30 years, and will contribute to remediating our climate. One obstacle to getting to a Zero-Carbon Future is a difficulty in imagining what that world and lifestyle would look like. All ideas discussed are open season for audience writers to take and run with. LX Beckett (m), Stephen Leahy, Rick Overwater, Madeline Ashby, Lynne Sargent.

Saturday 4pm – NaNoWriMo Plan-In!: National Novel Writing Month is upon us again! We all need a place to plan, and Ottawa’s NaNoWriMo coordinators are here to help. Bring a pen and paper or a device and get ready to start outlining your novel and planning your November. L.X. Beckett, Kaitlin Caul, Kim McCarthy, Angela S. Stone, Helena Verdier

Sunday 11am Old Punk and New Punk: Cyberpunk made hacking and computer advances attractive and intriguing, suggesting a sometimes dark, transhumanist future. Today, solarpunk attempts to subvert that vision through sustainability and environmentalism. Is one on the path to replace the other? How do the two genres overlap, and how can they work together to envision different futures? Brandon Crilly, Elliott Dunstan, Kim-Mei Kirtland, Mark Robinson, L.X. Beckett (m)