There’s a Gamechanger excerpt live now!

Free taste time! You can now read the first chapter of Gamechanger at the Tor/Forge blog, here. Here’s where we begin:

Cherub Whiting’s first realworld police raid was nothing like the sims.

She was in a chic Parisian neighborhood with a view of the Eiffel Tower, waiting on a meeting. When @Interpol showed up in her pop-in conference room, she’d been sending pings to a no-show client for the better part of an hour.

Luce, you’re late. Luce, it’s time for our face-to-face. Where are you?

The whole of that police raid is up for the reading. You’ll have to get the book to run back to the prologue, where I basically run multiple tornadoes over the remains of West Edmonton Mall. Never let it be said that writers aren’t malicious.

Between giving you this taste and launching the book September 17th, I will be attending and speaking at the World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin, Ireland. I’ll post my official schedule soon, but the current plan is for me to read, do a coffeeklatch, give my terraforming talk, and even talk about getting more science fiction theater projects into the world. If you’re there, I’ll hope to see you!