AI Portrait and Interview

I am punchy AF this afternoon, and in a fit of optimism I gave AI Portraits my most pre-Raphaelite hair photo, hoping I would turn out looking like Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s hand painted selfie or something and instead I think we have more of an Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun look. Or maybe Angry Rembrandt.

I love this picture, don’t get me wrong. And Angry Rembrandt would do nicely as a name for my imaginary Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover band.

Because we’re the lead-up to Gamechanger’s release (!!!) I am beginning to get some reviews and interviews. Here’s a profile from My Entertainment World. I’m not going to link you up to every review—that would be tedious—but my unhumble brag of the week would definitely be Kirkus saying:

A thought-provoking cautionary tale that will, hopefully, compel readers to see the condition of our civilization and our planet with more clarity and understanding.A visionary glimpse into the future—the narrative equivalent of a baseball bat to the skull.

Kirkus Reviews, 2019

I am pleased with this—if Gamechanger can be a clue-by-four or a wake-up call for anyone at all, that’s terrific. (It seems likely that most of the people who read it will share my feels about the planet and where we’re going as a society… but one can’t know, and one can always hope to do good.) The only thing that could have been better was if they’d said something like The narrative equivalent of a really really fun baseball bat to the head.

But hey- you can’t have it all, right?

(If you can have it all, I would like it delivered, and I will need at least two weeks to arrange storage.)